Our Location

25 Nuzha Street, Top Floor of "The Green Tower" ("Borj Il-Akhdar) Next to the Ramallah Public Library across from Ramallah Tower Building Look for the MosAIC sign at the top of the building!

At Clock Tower Circle (also called Arafat Square) look for the Diamond Supermarket. Take the street on the right of the Diamond Supermarket - it goes away from the circle. Drive a minute (walking 5 minutes) and look on the right side of the street for a tall building with green framed windows. Mosaic is on the top floor of this public building just past the Ramallah Public Library and directly across from the very large new Ramallah Tower building with blue tinted windows.

From Jerusalem:
By car: Requires min 1 hr. travel. Take the Jerusalem - Ramallah Road from Bet Hanina to Ramallah center (through the checkpoint) and then follow the above directions.
By bus: Requires min 1.5 hr. travel. Take the #18 bus to Ramallah from the Damascus Gate bus parking lot (across from the Garden Tomb). Get off at the Ramallah city center parking lot and walk out to your left toward the Lions Circle (Manara Square), then take the 3rd street (left) away from the circle (you will see a Stars 'n Bucks coffee shop sign on the building to the right of the street). Walk to the Clock Tower Circle and follow the directions above.
Don't forget your passports for all travel into the West Bank. Give yourself plenty of time, traffic can delay travel.


Mosaic map

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